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About Us

About My Mikvah Calendar

My Mikvah Calendar was developed by mikvah.org to assist the Jewish married couple in determining permissible times of intimacy according the laws of Taharat Hamishpacha – Family Sanctity. 

On this site Jewish married couples have the ability to track their Monthly Cycles, Average Cycles and Interval Cycles using a color coded format.

Users are notified via email and/or text messaging of all dates they are tracking.

Users may access their calendars online anywhere in the world.

My Mikvah Calendar provides an Ask the Rabbi feature, a full glossary as well as links to further knowledge and information.   

About Mikvah.org

mikvah.org was created to educate, inspire and enlighten, revealing the secret to the success of the Jewish Home.  Observance of Mikvah brings G-d into the marriage, elevating the physical to the sublime.

Through the site you can Find a Mikvah anywhere in the world, enter an Online University, take a Mikvah Tour, Book a Speaker, Read up on virtually any topic related to Mikvah, browse the site, Shop, all this in addition to tracking your own personal Taharas Hamishpacha calendar here on My Mikvah Calendar.


Our profound gratitude to each of the following: 

Rabbi Sholom Ber Chaikin

Rav and Shliach to the Chabad community in Cleveland, Ohio for guiding this project to fruition in a most dedicated, scholarly and patient manner

Rabbi Simcha Backman

Shliach and spiritual leader to Chabad of Glendale and the Foothill Communities of Southern California, Director of AskMoses.com and Director of the Shluchim Exchange as well, for his invaluable time and expertise in serving as an expert consultant to this project

Dovid Adler

programmer, for creating this program with expertise and devotion. 

Mendy Elishevitz

graphic designer, for his artistry and creative talent in making a site that is both pleasing to the eye as well as the heart 

Chaya M. Klein

Project Director, for her excellent management skills and unique perceptive ability for turning a concept into reality and doing so with distinction and self-sacrifice

Keren Vardi

Hebrew Project Manage, for her precious time and input throughout production of both English and Hebrew versions of My Mikvah Calendar

Rivki Gurevitz

Marketing Director My Mikvah Calendar in Israel, for her unstinting dedication and commitment to ensure that this online calendar reaches as many Hebrew speaking Jewish married couples as possible, allowing them to meticulously observe these הלכות as mandated by Torah.

Mrs. Sury Ciment

for her expert skills in developing the functional requirements that got the ball rolling

Mrs. Naomi Kotlarsky

for her valuable advice and boundless energy – she truly cares and is always there when we need her!

Mrs. Mindy Feller

Senior Editor of The Jewish Woman's Personal Calendar which was the inspiration for this online calendar

Mrs. Elke Malamud

for her artistic talents in designing the Jewish Woman's Personal Calendar, upon which the calendar pages of My Mikvah Calendar are based

All Beta Testers

for your time and your patience in testing the actual workings of the program, we will respect your privacy here, but you know who you are and we thank you! 

May each of you who contributed be blessed with abundant goodness in every aspect of your life. May the merit of those who will now be able to perform the mitzvah of the calendar more meticulously than ever before, stand you in good stead and bring Moshiach ever closer. 

Chaya Sara Zarchi and Kraindy Klein and the entire staff at Taharas Hamishpacha International