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Frequently Asked Questions

What is My Mikvah Calendar?

My Mikvah Calendar is an online tool to guide you in keeping a calendar in accordance with the laws of Family Purity (Taharas Hamispacha)

Who is My Mikvah Calendar for?

My Mikvah Calendar was designed for married Jewish couples who follow Chabad customs.

Is there anything to download in order for me to use My Mikvah Calendar?

No, there is nothing to download. My Mikvah Calendar is online and accessible anywhere in the world.

How do I learn to use My Mikvah Calendar?

Once you create your account, you will have access to video tutorials, a detailed manual, and a glossary of Hebrew terms.

How many earlier cycles must I enter to get started?

Only your most recent cycle. You will be prompted to enter all necessary information and My Mikvah Calendar will calculate accordingly.

Can I learn how all the calculations are reached?

You have the option to choose Explain All Calculations from the Settings menu. When you do, pop up windows will explain how all calculations are reached throughout every step in keeping your Mikvah Calendar.

How will I know when to consult a Rabbi?

We have a list of situations that require the input of a Rabbi. My Mikvah Calendar will also prompt you to contact a Rabbi should such a situation arise.

Is My Mikvah Calendar completely confidential?

Yes. Rest assured that all of your personal information is kept strictly private. Everything is Password protected. Only you can view your personal data.

Does My Mikvah Calendar function correctly when I travel?

Yes, just enter your tavel plans and My Mikvah Calendar will function accordingly.

How will I remember the important events on My Mikvah Calendar?

My Mikvah Calendar can send you reminders prior to each upcoming event via email and/or sms

Will My Mikvah Calendar search for a Fixed Cycle?

Yes, the program will detect any emerging patterns and give you the information needed to confirm with a Rabbi.

Why is it important to keep a hard copy calendar?

Although My Mikvah Calendar makes all calculations necessary for computing your onot of separation, it is strongly recommended to still do these calculations yourself.

Why is it important to use a Hebrew calendar?

Halacha (Jewish law) mandates the use of a Hebrew calendar to calculate the times required to abstain from marital relations in anticipation of a period. The Hebrew date begins at shkiah (sunset) and ends the following day at shkiah (whereas the civil date, based on the standard solar calendar, begins and ends at midnight). All menstrual calculations are figured only according to the Hebrew calendar. Calculations based on any other calendar will not be accurate. Never use the standard solar calendar for this purpose although, for reference only, this online calendar includes the civil dates.